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Order Information

Required Identification

Law Enforcement ID:

If this is your first time ordering, we will require a copy of your SLED ID before we can ship your order. Once you have sent your credentials, it will go on file for the ease of your future purchases. 

If you are ordering ADVANCED patches or pins, we will require a copy of your ADVANCED SLED ID.

You can send a copy of your ID via:

           email -

           fax - 803-789-3617

           mail -  ConstableStuff 

                      1428 Beaver Dam Rd.

                       Richburg, SC 29729

Payment Options


When your shopping cart is complete, your total will automatically include a shipping charge and 8% sales tax.


Determine sales tax amount by multiplying your total order amount by 8%. Use the shipping chart under "Shipping & Sales Tax" to determine shipping cost. Lastly, add your order amount, sales tax amount, and shipping cost together. Make the check or money order out to and mail to:


1428 Beaver Dam Rd.

Richburg, SC 29729

Shipping & Sales Tax

All orders will include a graduated shipping charge and 8% sales tax detailed below.

Order Amount   --  Shipping Cost

$0.00 - 32.50   --  $4.20

$32.51 - 45.00  --  $5.20

$45.01 - 55.00  --  $6.40

$55.01 - 100.00 --  $8.90

$100.01 and up   --  $10.60

This is to cover packaging, handling, and shipping..

SC sales tax is 6% plus Chester County sales tax of 2%.

Your order will be shipped first class with tracking. Shipments go out the same day or no more than 2 business days following the receipt of payment and credentials.

We hope you are completely satisfied with your purchase and we thank you for your business!

Stay safe out there!

Have any questions or concerns? 

We’re always ready to help!



Call us at


or send us an email to:

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